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Chino Hills, CA, United States

Chino Hills, CA, United States
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My Story:
I am the blonde on the left :)

I have always had a love for the music. I remember when I was little (just a "tiny hopper") my grandfather dancing to it, and allowing me to stand on his feet and "dance" with him. My grandmother would love to tell stories about how the two of them would go out dancing together, and how he was such a good dancer. She said that he would always have a line of girls just waiting to dance with him. :) Watching them dance together and just enjoy one another is a favorite memory of mine.

Fast forward about 15+ years and my sister (Ky) and I were at Disneyland. All of a sudden I heard the sounds of my childhood/grandfather and we both rushed to find where it was playing. Right before our eyes a group of 35-40+ young people my age were dancing in their pajamas (Pajama Jam at Disneyland) to the songs of the great American Pastime. I was instantly captivated and I HAD to know how to dance to this music. My sis and I pulled aside one of the dancers and that's were it all began.....after countless lessons at PBDA, every weekend at Disneyland, The Satin Ballroom, The Palladium, and even a dance (or two) with "Lindy Bill" from the Derby, I am here today, still learning from some of THE BEST dancers in the country.

Every once in a while I take a hiatus from dancing because life gets to be too busy, but I always come back. It has come full circle for me, and in some small way I hope that my love for the music, and for the dance has made my grandfather proud. :)

Additional Questions

When/where did you first start doing Lindy Hop?

Why did you first start doing Lindy Hop?
The music reminded me of my grandfather, and I wanted something to remember him by

What is the size of your local Lindy community?
Bigger then I could have ever imagined

How often do you go out dancing or take lessons?
Not nearly enough

What is your favorite thing about Lindy Hop (both as an activity and as a community)?
The music-everytime I hear swing music, no matter where I am it makes me smile. As corny as that sounds, it is true

What do you do for a living?
Congressional Aide


Year you were born?

What bit of non-swing info about you would the Lindy community find interesting?
I am in the process of getting a children's book published-and boy is it a LONG process!!

How has Lindy Hop changed your life?
It has only enhanced my life

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