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Doris Leung

Glendale, CA, United States
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My Story:
I took a social dancing class at CSULB with my friend Jason and his friends. Learned a lot of cool ballroom dance styles like salsa, waltz, and east coast swing. I liked the salsa thing, but I could never bring the proper "sexy back." haha! Long story short, I took a bunch of swing lessons through OC Swing and it stuck with me after that.

I moved back home to Glendale after graduating and I try to go dancing. However, recently, I haven't been dancing because I had to deal with a family situation. It's been 4 months and I am now determined to go out and at least take some lessons, since that is how I started. Besides, there are so many new people I must meet!

I love lindy hop because of its high energy fun and how it can be slow & a ... baby's butt??? LoL! Plus it great exercise!

Additional Questions

When/where did you first start doing Lindy Hop?
I started taking lessons through OC Swing while I was attending CSULB.

Why did you first start doing Lindy Hop?
I took lessons with my friend Jason to learn new moves for class performance at a USO event and for my sister's wedding.

What is the size of your local Lindy community?
It's pretty big

How often do you go out dancing or take lessons?
I TRY to go out at least once a week. I need motivation! :\

What is your favorite thing about Lindy Hop (both as an activity and as a community)?
I love how lindy hop is high energy and I can act like a dork :D

What do you do for a living?
I work at Deluxe Film Serivces as a movie trailer coordinator for the Exhibitor Services group. I basically make sure the studio's movie trailers are sent to the theaters and seen on screen.


Year you were born?

What bit of non-swing info about you would the Lindy community find interesting?
I like to play ultimate frisbee and watch a ton of movies!

How has Lindy Hop changed your life?
It made me able to express myself through dance and it reminded me how fun dancing is!

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